Work So Comfortable, These Criteria for a Good Office Chair

In one day you spend how many hours to work?

Employees usually spend up to 8 – 9 hours to work. Although it can be interspersed with other activities such as lunch, meetings, brewing a cup of coffee, or service outside the office. But for the most part, employees spend a lot of time sitting at the table.

With the intensity of sitting activities like this, of course, you need an appropriate and comfortable office chair to avoid lumbago and other fatigue.

Answering this need, many types of office chairs with attractive features and of course ergonomic. Before you are tempted by a series of types of office chairs with various sophisticated components, it is better to first study the ideal criteria of an office chair to find the right one for you.

So, what are the considerations for choosing an office chair? Check out the full description below.

1. Easy to set height and low of the seat holder

For comfortable sitting, you should sit in the position of the thighs that are horizontally parallel to the floor. Therefore, we need a lever under the holder that is easy to adjust the high and low.

2. Flexible chair backs

The back of the office chair is expected to be able to accommodate posture according to work requirements. For the type of seat with a back that is connected to the holder, the back needs to be easily moved forward or back. It will be a good additional value if you are accompanied by a lock so that the backrest does not easily fall backward.

3. The shape of the back of the chair is curved

With a curved shape, it can be a good support for your back and more comfortable when sitting. The lower back of the back needs to be supported by this curved shape in order to keep the body still sturdy even though it has been working all day.

4. Pay attention to the dimensions of the chair so that it sits freely

Office chairs must be flexible enough to accommodate the user’s body. For those who have a tall body, you should look for a holder with a depth that is wider than the standard size. Ideally, office chair users can sit with their knees between 5 and 10 centimeters from the stand.

5. Use office chairs that have arms

With the armrests feature, this helps reduce the weight of the body against the neck and shoulders. Not only that, adjust the height of the armrest so that you can rest your arms comfortably without causing your back to bend.

6. Comfortable seat cushion

Because it is used for long periods of time in a day, it is important to choose seat cushions that are not too soft and hard. This is because you cannot sit for long periods if the surface is too hard. Conversely, if the cushion is too soft, then this part can not provide sufficient support for the body.

7. Can move flexibly

The ability to move from a chair can increase the efficiency of wiggle room for its users. A chair equipped with wheels at the foot helps facilitate the movement of the chair. However, it should be careful in choosing this type of wheel because it must be adapted to the type of floor in the office.

For those of you who work for long periods of time, office chairs become an important property that affects your work productivity. So, it is important to choose the best office chair that is able to support your performance as well as your activities at work.

With the right office chair, not only productivity increases, but posture and body condition are maintained well despite having to sit for a long time.


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