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Workstation - Sit 2 Stand

Sit 2 Stand

Brand: Steelcase
Category: Workstation


The versatile Sit2Stand provides users with a palette of posture – a variety of options to sit, stand or move throughout their day, with choice and control over how they work.


Range of Adjustment

(from floor to top of worksurface)
Option 1: Sit-to-Stand (Default)
705 mm to 1155 mm
Option 2 – Sit-to-Sit
610 mm to 980 mm


Type of Adjustment

  • Hand Crank
  • Motorized Crank


Worksurface Shape

  • Rectangular
  • Dual Sided Rectangular
  • 90° Corner


Screen Solution

  • Lexicon 30mm tackable screen, 720 H
  • Partito 35mm screen

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