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During this pandemic, we are forced to adapt to new normal activities. we are required to work at home or often called work from home and sit for hours. it makes us start thinking about physical health and fitness in maintaining the best performance even at home.

Working by VIVERE, with the home office promo offering you Flow Ergonomic Chair to support the best performance when working from home.

With price IDR 3.500.000 (was IDR 7.000.000) and 5 years warranty.

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Flow Ergonomic Chair
FLOW maintains chair excellence with originality curves, ergonomic chair optimization, and head-turning looks. In addition, FLOW also enhances the seat mechanism and the adjustable 5D armrest. The new features a horizontally mounted spring which redefines the back support and synchronous reclining experience. The highly reliable mechanism features a side tension adjuster which allows reclining tension in the breeze while being fully seated.

Built for Comfort With Ergonomic Design
Artfully designed molded nylon backrest can be arched to create excellent support for the lumbar and disperse overall pressure on the spine disks, allows ergonomic comfort and stability. All imported Italian leather on our products is 95.3% recyclable and 99.9% of materials in the rest of the products may be reused for other purposes. Our products are also easy to disassemble for convenience and storage. FLOW really supports you to have the best performance in hours.

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